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Great Crosby Catholic Primary School
"That they may have life and have it to the full..."
John 10:10

Current Staff, Vacancies and Train to Teach

Great Crosby Catholic Primary School Staff List 2017-2018

Headteacher Mrs P. Speed

Assistant Headteachers

Miss D. Bradley & Mrs H. Crann
Office Staff

Mrs L.Mason School Business Manager

Mrs C. Lezemore Secretary / Admissions

Mrs M. Mageer Secretary / Attendance

Mrs P. Maguire Breakfast Club Manager

Mrs A. Kelly Dinner Money / Receptionist

Mrs S. Scrutton Reprographics


NBW – Mrs F.Owens

NEW – Mrs L. Lee


Teaching Assistants: 

Mrs S. McLoughlin, Mrs C. Solkin, Mrs H.Wilson.


RF – Mrs H. Francis                                

RL – Mr P.Lake  

RR – Miss R. Leech

RZD – Mrs M. Ziegler & Mrs B. Dalley


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs C. Green, Mrs C.Leatherbarrow, Mrs T. Longworth,

Mrs M. Trafford, Mrs A. Young, Mrs C. Trejo. 

 Year 1

1A - Mrs A. Lake

1GW - Mrs E. Gray & Mrs J. Wallace

1L - Mrs E.Lowrie 

1P - Miss R. Peers


Teaching Assistants:

Mr W. Nilsen


 Year 2

2B - Mrs C. Benson

2BM – Miss D. Bradley & Miss S. Mitchell

2C – Miss L. Cavadino

2M - Ms B. Mason


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs L. Kemp,  Miss M. Kerwin, Mrs L. Mansfield, Mrs M. Spence.


 Year 3

3B – Miss L. Bishop

3BC - Mrs J. Bayliss & Mrs F. Callaghan

3S – Mr J. Shannon 


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs P. France, Mrs A. Heaton, Mrs P. Lewis, Mrs A. White


 Year 4

4HB – Mrs S.Houghton & Mrs J. Byrne

4M - Ms K. Miller & Mrs A. Wilson

4R - Mrs N. Richards & Mrs A. Wilson


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs M. Evans, Mrs L. McAlister, Mrs C.Temple. 


 Year 5

5DM - Mrs D. DeMott 

5HM - Mrs S. Harvey (SENDCO) & Mrs H. Crann

5J - Miss C. Johnstone


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs M. Cushing, Mrs S. Kirby


 Year 6

6E – Mr M. Elliott

6M – Mrs L. Murphy

6T – Mrs C. Tyson  

Maths & Computing – Mr A. Cannell

Literacy - Mrs N. Murphy

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs E. Bentley, Mrs P. Brady,  Mrs J. Robinson-Murray.



Assistant Caretakers

Mr S. Boardman

Mrs C. McCarthy, Mr J Dunn.


Mrs L. Burton, Mrs A. Fitzsimmons

Mrs S. Kenny, Mrs C. McCann.

KS1 Welfare Staff 

Mrs H. Burrough, Mrs J. Finlayson, Mrs V. Gibbons,

Mrs T. Longworth, Mrs C. McCann

Mrs J. McMahon, Mrs L. Monaghan, Ms J. Morris, Mrs C. Ward.

KS2 Welfare Staff 

Mrs E. Bentley, Mrs Y. Edwards, Mrs P. Lewis, Mrs P. Nicholson

Mr W. Nilsen, Mrs A. Ray, Mrs J. Robinson-Murray, Mrs A. White.































































If you would be interested in working as a casual lunch-time welfare assistant, please contact the school to be added to our supply list. 

Please visit the Catholic Education Service website for information about working in Catholic schools.


Train to Teach

We have partnerships with three teaching schools alliances:


Are you interested in becoming a primary school teacher? If you want your training to be based at a school where you can be fully immersed in the life of a teacher from day one, a school-led training course is for you.                       


Great Crosby Catholic Primary School, in partnership with CAPITAL Teaching School and Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), offers a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with Qualified Teacher status, equating to 60 Masters Credits. The training programme last for one academic year, September-July. We offer the Tuition Fee School Direct Training Programme which provides prospective trainee teachers a route into teaching.

St Nicholas CE Primary School is the Lead School in the partnership and will be co-ordinating the recruitment process. 

Our partnership of schools comprises a diverse range of primary schools. They are conveniently located, which means trainees can engage with a variety of school settings within the partnership. Our staff are our most valuable resource and have a proven track record in training and professional development.

For more information about CAPITAL Teaching School and our teacher training programme please click here



MAITT School Direct, based at Matthew Arnold Primary School, Dingle Lane, Liverpool, are recruiting trainee teachers to teach in schools in Liverpool & Sefton. T0151 539 0300 for more information. Visit

Mersey Boroughs

Please see the leaflet below and visit: